IQAC : Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Our academic standard is already quite high. Now we are ensuring regular periods, attendance, internal exams, special tutorials, as required. This will ensure better results and more meritorious students. We will be taking advantage of latest academic tools like audio visual aids, education CD’s etc.

The College has an excellent library with spacious reading rooms for teachers and students. It includes a book bank and contains thousands of books and a lot of journals and magazines.

Washim is a district headquarter town in the Vidarbh region in Maharashtra. This small town with the population of about 1.5 lakh, is not fully developed one. However this place has a reference in Padama Purana in Ancient period of Indian history. This was a place where "Vatsa Rushi" performed penance for getting darshan of many Gods including Vishnu, Brahma & Shiva. All the G.

Internet Facilities

The College provides internet facilities to students and teachers in the college.

Computer Facilities

In addition to the computers used in the library and the office for managing the day-to-day affairs of the college, there are more computers, with internet connection, for the depatmentwise use of both teachers and students.

Girls' Common Room

The College has a spacious common room for girls with the facility of clean toilets with uninterrupted water supply and arrangement of indoor games including the game of table-tennis and carom.

College Canteen

The College has a hygienic and well-maintained canteen where students, teachers and employees of the college can appease their hunger and thirst and gossip - be it in the canteen itself or under the beautiful shady trees near it.

Yoga and Stress Management

Yoga approaches health in a holistic manner. It recommends a lifestyle that includes beautification of life through physical exercises, meditation and taking of proper diet. The course, as conducted by the college is open for the students, teachers and members of the college staff.

Spoken English

In the context of the growing importance of English in the global scenario the college holds Spoken English

classes regularly.

Information and Career Guidance cell

College is striving to disseminate all accessible information relating to the career building of the students. It is making all possible attempts to harmonize the time-honoured creative potentials of the woman with the newer and wider career options emerging in the fast-changing global scenario. Well-stewarded by competent teachers, the Cell does conduct courses in personality development, woman entrepreneurship, time management, self-analysis and self-preparedness from time to time.

Class Room

Many well furnished classrooms with all facilities.

Water Purifier

The College provides purified drinking water facilities to students and teachers of the college .

Aquaguard is facilitated in college.

Rest Room

estroom also facilitated at college for college staff members


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