Shri Tulshiramji Jadhao, Washim

Shri Tulshiramji Jadhao

Shri Vyankatesh Seva Samittee is becoming rising and progressive educational institution im Washim. Shri Tulshiramji Jadhao Art & Science college Washim is established by Shri Vyankateash Seva Samittee in 1999 -2000. The college is established for giving opportunity in higher education with innovation to the pupils of Washim and for villagers . it is only possible with pain straking efforts and inspiration of honorable Adv. Vijayraoji Jadhao who’s aspiration become a big educational centre in Washim . at the time is establishment the college had only art’s faculty run on non- granted basis . But from the academic year 2004-2005 the college has 100 % granted and approved by the government of Maharashtra.

The college is officiated with Sant. Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati .The whole educational and official works of the college done with norms of University and rules and regulation of Government of Maharashtra. The college has regular Principal, experience and qualified lecturers including 1 Ph. D holder, 4 Net-Set qualified & 3 M. Phil qualify . The Non-Teaching staff has appointed with Government rules and as per reservation quota.

Shri Tulshiramji Jadhao College Building, WashimThe college has vision of educational progress as well all round personality development of students. The college arranges various co-curricular activities likes cultural programs, competitive events and gathering .The student also participates in university youth festival. Apart from this student takes part in guest lecturer, seminar group discussion and educational tour. The institution started science faculty with the permission of Government of Maharashtra from 2009-2010 on permanent Non-granted basis. The Total expenditure has done by the institution which included well built class rooms, equipped laboratories and teaching staff . The faculty is working excellent and providing education of science of the needy .

The college has its own year planning of all kinds of task. All educational and administrative works done with paper planning, educational with regular evaluation is most important factor of the college. The college conduct the regular unit test and the annual examination. Extra classes are conducted for slow student , which help them no understand the subject.

The college building is built on the own land which is given by the institution. The area of college is 5 acre. The college is beautiful model of best infrastructure, with financial help and valuable guidance of the institution college accommodated with all facilities for the student.



    To Lead the Society forward to achieve the excellence in academics. To Provide better educational and sports facilities in Vidharbha Region. To Introduce courses which are currently relevant to need of the national & self employment. To Achieve community and social development through infrastructure facilities of the instruction.

    1. To work for the welfare of the commen people and students.
    2. To promote social, educational and cultural activities for the devlopment of the society.
    3. To work for the empowerment of women.
    4. To organise verious activities, workshop and conpetitions like competitive exam. health awarness programs, etc.
    5. To provides educational facilities for differently abled children.

    To Create a Nobel men for Powerful and Prosperous India.